Want to be a Lip-Sync Star?


Want to be a Rock Star!?

On your own, or with your best crew, come on out and give a great show and hear the roar of the crowd!  Pick your song, bring your best “gear” and choreography and see if you have what it takes to be crowned Tampa’s best lip-syncer!

Why do it?

  • To donate to a great cause – all entry fees go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to help cure blood cancers.
  • Two winners will be crowned – judge’s choice and people’s choice (so, bring all your friends to help vote you a win!). Trophies to the winners!

  • Prizes will be awarded to the Top Performer in each category (Prizes TBD)
  • 10 Raffle Tickets
  • Get your viral video moment! We’ll video the event – you’ll be immortalized and able to share your awesomeness with all your family and friends – near and far through Facebook, youtube and other social media!
  • Get your 15 minutes (okay – 5:00ish) minutes of fame. You’ll be on stage, front and center sharing your talent with the world!

How Do I Enter?

Complete the “Lip Sync Entry Form” link on the menu above, complete the form and hit enter! The entry fee is:

  • $50

If you’d like to donate more – you can!  Whoever donates the most to participate gets their choice of performance slot.  We will cap the performances at 10 – so, if you donate the most (corporate sponsors and teams are welcome) you get to choose what number performer you are! So, if you want to “save the best for last” (you?) and you donate the most – you have that choice! The order for all other performances will be chosen on the day of the event.

The Rules

  • You can perform as an individual or a group (there may be a limit to group size – we’ll have to determine that with Ferg’s Live – but, if you plan on having a group – enter the number of participants in the entry form).
  • All performers must be 18 or older.
  • One song / medley per individual or group – not to exceed 5 minutes. Organizer’s retain the right to not accept any song (no F-bombs, please. There will be some families present).
  • No “real” instruments allowed. If your performance will include some “air-band” you are welcome to bring homemade instruments, toys, or other equipment to serve as your musical instruments.
  • Bring a microphone – this can be real or fake, hand held or headset – your call. It just won’t be plugged in! 🙂
  • Song Choice – First come, first serve. There will be no duplicate songs. If you request a song that has already been taken, we will notify you and will use your second choice.
  • Song Submission – Must be a minimum of one week prior to the event!
  • Judge’s Choice Winner – The winner will be chosen by a panel of 3 judges (see criteria below).
  • People’s Choice Winner – Any fans that come out for the show will have a chance to pick the winner. A $10 donation gets 3 votes – the fan can put all three towards one performer or can split it how they want. If they would like to vote more than 3 times, for every $10 they donate, they will get 3 additional votes! (Yes, buying the victory here is highly encouraged! We want to raise as much money as is possible to help cure blood cancers).

Judging Criteria

  1. Lip Sync Accuracy – 10 points. How well does the individual/group lip-sync the words to the song?
  2. Originality and Creativity – 10 points. How creative was the group with actions, expressions? How original or unique was the performance?
  3. Costumes and Props – 10 points. Does the costume design, hairstyle and accessories match the look or actions of the original artist or does it help “tell the story”? Is it believable?
  4. Choreography / Showmanship – 10 points. Does the performance project personality, gestures and choreography which simulates the likeness of original performer or the story?
  5. Crowd reaction – 10 points. Is the crowd loving the performance/song?